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I get many questions about Beaucoup -- how to use it, how it began, who is behind it, what makes it different. After sifting through years of questions and emails I've decided the best way to answer them all is in faq format. If you have a question you don't see answered here, please feel free to send me the question at the following email address: and I'll do my best to post it here if I find it of benefit to the users of Beaucoup.

  • When was Beaucoup started?

    In the winter of 1995-96 as a small page residing on the back end of my personal website. I wanted a list of the engines I used for research.
  • How many engines are there on Beaucoup?

    I stopped counting about the time they reached 2,500 or so, which was about ayear before this writing.
  • Who are you?

    Beaucoup is one person, me, also known as Webmaster or Teri. I am chief cook, bottle washer, complaint desk, researcher, html less-than-a-guru, accountant, ad exec, and anything else that goes into the site. I guess that makes Beaucoup "Privately Held." Sounds impressive, huh?
  • Do you have a privacy policy?

    Yes. At this time, I ask for no information so I have no privacy to invade. Beaucoup doesn't even collect cookies, though a a couple of its advertisers do. While a great deal of email is received on Beaucoup, even email addresses are considered personal and are not nor will they ever be disclosed to anyone unless for legal purposes beyond my control.
  • What makes Beaucoup different?

    This question is somewhat difficult to explain and have understood unless you know the nature of the WWW well. But, in a nutshell, Beaucoup is different because the engines listed on the main site (all but the category "Shopping", are what I call "free information" sites -- that is, they offer up a *lot* of information, not simply lists of commercial products or services. They must also be searchable in that they have either an input engine or an alpha-numeric listing -- anything which allows the user to zero in on pages pertaining to the topic they're researching. Any site which exists out of these parameters is either a mistake (please inform me if you find such a site) or extremely exceptional.
  • What do you mean by 'free information?'

    There are 'pay for information' sites on the net -- in fact some are excellent. However, it's my belief that information should be free to the individual, much in the same way a library operates. I run ads on Beaucoup to support the site -- the ads leave the individual with the option of looking at them or not. This is, to me, the logical and acceptable way of disseminating information to individuals and orgranizations.
  • What kinds of free information sites do you avoid listing?

    I'm cautious in listing any site which attempts to grab traffic and never let it go. I have a very philosophical approach to the internet/WWW, and it's shared by many of even the biggest of engines: it grows, prospers and is valuable because it has no beginning or end, no governing force, no prime authority. Some of the best information can be found on obscure little pages visited by 100 people a month -- they're WONDERFUL. Websites which lock you into their domains forever rob you of the experiences to be found on the independent sites around the world. I do list a few of the 'traffic abysses' on the beaucoup site, but very gingerly.
  • Are they all really "search engines?"

    Nope. Many are more correctly called indices or directories -- Yahoo is such an site. If I listed only search engines, you, the user, would be cheated out of some very valuable resources.
  • Why is there no "Adult" category on your site?

    Beaucoup is used and linked to by thousands of people all over the world -- including schools, children, families. That is probably enough to answer that question.
  • Why does it take so long for you to answer email?

    Remember the 'chief cook and bottle washer' answer above? Enough said.
  • Why do you no longer have a "Submit your site?" page and form?

    Because, despite VERY clearly stated requirements for site submittals, for every one legitimate submission I got twenty or so MLM, phone card, junk get-rich-quick scheme sites. At 200+ a day, I simply couldn't handle the volume. It takes me less time to search for new sites myself.
  • So, how can I submit a site?

    First, ask yourself if what you have is primarily a search site. Simply because you have a terrific page with tons of info about your topic doesn't make it a page which will fit on Beaucoup. And if it's a site whose sole purpose is to sell a product or service it DOESN'T fit on Beaucoup. If you have gone through some of my pages and are convinced your site fits here, send me a short email with the site URL and then don't send any more email.
  • How do I use Beaucoup?

    Simple: click on a category, go through the annotated listings. If you don't find it, whatever page you're on will have the category list (see the panel at the left). Click on a new category. You are always no more than one click from a list of links which take you directly to the search sites themselves. Again, there is not nor will there ever be an attempt to keep the surfer on this site.
  • Where is your awards page?

    I removed it. I had some wonderful awards, from the smallest awards to the largest. However, I also had a lot of awards coming in which exitsed solely to get free traffic so they could sell their services and products. It got so time consuming trying to tell one from the other that I had to give up on it.
  • How can I list my site with all of the engines on Beaucoup?

    First, you can't. Many Beaucoup sites are topically specific and there isn't a website in the world that would fit on all of them. But of those you could list on you will have to go painstakingly through them and list one by one or use a submission service. Personally I prefer to list one by one, starting with those I find most important to Beaucoup. Additionally, Beaucoup's page Make Money with Your Site will soon be open and will list the URLs for the submission pages on many search engine/index sites.
  • What is "Beaucoup Super Search?

    A terrific meta searcher which searches a number of great engines. It's powered by Try it!
  • Where are the BIG pages?

    In a word: BANDWIDTH. The BIG pages generated enormous amounts of bandwidth. However, I can now annotate each engine listed and can include even more engines because the individual category pages do not generate the traffic problems that the BIG pages did.
  • Where are the translations of Beaucoup?

    TIME TIME TIME. I simply couldn't keep up with the amount of time 6 extra languages demanded, even with the wonderful volunteer efforts of those who translated the pages. However, for those seeking search engines from around the world I suggest you see the category "Geographically Specific" listed in the index on every page of Beaucoup.

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