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Lookup email, phone, address, and website by person's name. Careful of the advanced version, it indicates it searches only registered users of the site.

Lookup email and white page listings. Has a link to another page on the site for yellow page lookups.

Find ME-Mail
Excellent service which allows you to register when you change email addresses so that anyone who may be looking for your new email address can find it by entering your old one. The site also seems to have a good many safeguards in place to avoid spammers using the service. Free.

Search for phone numbers. Links to other pages on the site for searches for businesses, toll free, websites and for person by phone number.

Internet Address Finder
Searches for email by person's name. Wasn't able to find even when the domain was included in the search.

ICQ White Pages
Search for ICQ number and email.

Qwest Dex
Search for phone and address. Links on page for businesses and email but email link leads to Bigfoot.

World Email
Email look-up, allows use of 4 general fields.

Search for email by the person's name. Additional pages for phone, address and businesses.

MIT's Finger Gateway
Input a machine name or email and this engine will allow you to search the site from which your input originates -- IF the site you enquire about doesn't refuse the finger.

Usenet Addresses
Search for email addresses. Warnings against abuse.

"Search our world" personal pages.
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