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  • Use It!
    Searches: Excite Yahoo Alta Vista Lycos (and more depending on specialty selected)

  • Debriefing
    AltaVista Yahoo Infoseek Excite Webcrawler Lycos Hotbot

  • Mamma
    AltaVista Excite WebCrawler Yahoo Infoseek GoTo (and other specialty engines

  • ProFusion
    Alta Vista Excite Magellan PlanetSearch Lycos Yahoo Snap WebCrawler GoTo

  • Highway 61
    Yahoo Lycos Webcrawler Infoseek Excite

  • OneSearch
    Lycos Excite Infoseek HotBot Yahoo Altavista Euroseek Webcrawler

  • Globito
    Altavista Webcrawler Hotbot Netfind Lycos (and other specialty engines)

  • MegaSpider
    No list given but nice, fast searcher.

  • MonsterCrawler
    Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, Infoseek, FAST Search & Lycos
  • MultiMeta
    Aladin Altavista Eule Excite HotBot Infoseek Intersearch Lycos Yahoo (and other specialty engines)

  • Mochanni
    AltaVista Excite HotBot InfoSeek PlanetSearch WebCrawler Yahoo (and other specialty engines)

  • MetaCrawler
    AltaVista Excite WebCrawler Lycos MiningCo Yahoo Infoseek (and other specialty engines)

  • FindTarget
    Fast, relevant results.

  • Dogpile
    Yahoo! Thunderstone A2Z GoTo Mining Co Excite Guide PlanetSearch What U Seek Magellan Lycos WebCrawler InfoSeek Excite AltaVista (and other specialty engines)

  • MetaGopher
    Yahoo Excite Infoseek Webcrawler Hotbot Altavista Lycos Magellan (and other specialty engines) Note: uses pop-ups

  • 1Blink
    Infoseek AltaVista HotBot Alcanseek Yahoo! Northern Light Excite Lycos Thunderstone Euroseek Planet Search

  • SuperCrawler
    "...major search engines..."
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