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  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
    Very fast searcher and useable even with Lynx.

  • Acronym Finder
    "...all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military."

  • Anagram Generator
    "Over 1143888 anagrams served!"

  • Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus
    "...dictionary and a thesaurus with powerful and flexible search capabilities."

  • WWWebster Dictionary
    From the time-honored Merriam Webster company.

  • DICT
    Uses "...several freely available dictionary databases, with over 300,000 total headwords..." Ongoing project.

    Multi-language translating dictionary.

  • ARTFL Dict.
    "1913 Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary"

  • Internet Public Library
    Search for internet, world wide web documents.

  • InfoMine
    Incredible scholastic resource by the University of Riverside, California.

  • Australian Libs.
    Another tremendous library source from the folks down under searching multiple libraries.

  • National Lib. of Australia
    Search specific to the National Libraries of Australia.

  • FindTarget Articles
    Informational articles and content.

  • babyOIL Library
    "...unified interface to common resource discovery sources."

  • Vassar Libraries
    Search by subject or keyword.

  • San Francisco Public Lib.
    Search by keyword, subject, author, title, call number, "et cetera."

  • Roget's Thesaurus
    Use a categorical or alphabetical index or a search form .

  • Penn. Lib. Web
    Lists the 15 libraries at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Mythology
    "a site dedicated to making your search for myths, legends, folklore, and religions both past and present easier and more enjoyable."

  • Biographical Dict.
    "...more than 27,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world"

  • Slanguage Dictionary
    All those words that give English it's flavor.

  • The American Memory
    "Historical Collections for the National Digital Library"

  • Today in History
    Pick a date and get a list of historical events for it.

  • RootsWeb
    Large list of genealogical database searchers.

  • FindTarget Reference
    Online Encyclopedia and Reference Resources

  • CMU Pronouncing Dictionary
    "...pronunciation dictionary for North American English that contains over 100,000 words and their transcriptions."

  • Sociological Subjects
    Use the search form or browse through a huge alpha list of categories.

  • Bibliomania
    Keyword search allows search through all or each of 5 categories or literature.

  • Abraham lincoln
    As the title says, honest Abe pages and info.

  • Symantic Rhyming Dict.
    "...use it to help write poetry, song lyrics, greeting cards, witticisms, and more."

  • Language Identifier
    "...will attempt to identify automatically the language of a sentence, phrase, or word..."

  • Library of Congress
    By both keyword and alpha index.

  • SOSIG Catalogue
    "... the Internet equivalent of an academic research library for the social sciences."

  • Internet Classics Arch.
    "Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation."

  • Online Medeval and Classic Lib.
    "...ollection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization."

  • Surname Search
    Surname searches in four countries. (Multiple popups)

  • Recent Ovidian Bibliography
    "...publications relating to Ovid from 1990-present."

    "...more than 14,000 diverse articles to the resources available on Infonautics' popular online research service."

  • Koran
    Use either the search or browse link.

  • Quote Search
    Search options include multiple quotations databases.

  • Web of Online Dicts.
    "...linked to more than 1,000 dictionaries in 200 different languages."

  • Word Central
    "...offers kids a student dictionary, Word of the Day, and interactive word games. Includes homework help and lesson plans for parents, teachers."

  • Crossword Solver
    "...finds only single English words, not phrases, names, or proper nouns (yet), and it only supports words up to 10 letters long (so far)...."

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